Affiliated with

ISSTA 2013

2nd International Workshop on

Quality Assurance for
Service-based applications
QASBA 2013

at ISSTA 2013 - Lugano, Switzerland, 15 July 2013

The service-oriented computing paradigm has been widely adopted in enterprises as a means to implement distributed computing solutions. These solutions are realized as service-based applications (SBAs), by integrating heterogeneous software services, usually developed, controlled and owned by different organizations.

Given the availability of mechanisms for run-time service discovery and binding, the service-oriented paradigm fosters a further level of dynamicity where service integration emerges at run time and evolves over time. Nevertheless the run-time integration of services owned and controlled by different organizations, as well as the unprecedented degree of change allowed in such systems, affects the notion of correctness, dependability, and quality of SBAs.

This poses a challenge for the definition of new methodologies and techniques for the quality assurance process of this class of software. The consensus is that the quality assurance process has to span over the entire life cycle of a service-based application, integrating both design-time and run-time techniques; yet the approaches remain fragmented.

The QASBA 2013 workshop will be an opportunity for participants to discuss how the software testing and analysis research community can help address this and other relevant issues, to improve the quality assurance practice of the next generation SBAs.

The workshop will be held in room A13 on the first floor of the Red Building

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