Title of paper: Family-Based Model Checking with mCRL2


Family-based model checking targets the simultaneous verification of multiple system variants, a technique to handle feature-based variability that is intrinsic to software product lines (SPLs). We present an approach for family-based verification based on the feature mu-calculus mu-Lf, which combines modalities with feature expressions. This logic is interpreted over featured transition systems, a well-accepted model of SPLs, which allows one to reason over the collective behavior of a number of variants (a family of products). Via an embedding into the modal mu-calculus with data, underpinned by the general-purpose mCRL2 toolset, off-the-shelf tool support for mu-Lf becomes readily available. We illustrate the feasibility of our approach on an SPL benchmark model and show the runtime improvement that family-based model checking with mCRL2 offers with respect to model checking the benchmark product-by-product.