Title of paper: Modelling and Analysing ERTMS L3 Moving Block Railway Signalling with Simulink and UPPAAL SMC


Efficient and safe railway signalling systems, together with energy-saving infrastructures, are among the main pillars to guarantee sustainable transportation. ERTMS L3 moving block is one of the next generation railway signalling systems currently under trial deployment, with the promise of increased capacity on railway tracks, reduced costs and improved reliability. We report an experience in modelling a satellite-based ERTMS L3 moving block signalling system from the railway industry with Simulink and UPPAAL and analysing the UPPAAL model with UPPAAL SMC. The lessons learned range from demonstrating the feasibility of applying UPPAAL SMC in a moving block railway context, to the offered possibility of fine tuning communication parameters in satellite-based ERTMS L3 moving block railway signalling system models that are fundamental for the reliability of their operational behaviour.