Title of paper: A Conflict-Free Strategy for Team-Based Model Development


Coordinating the efforts of multiple teams working in parallel on a model is a non-trivial task. A major part of this effort is to resolve conflicts, which are only detected when the work of the separate teams is integrated. In this paper we discuss how a model can be cut into distinct packages where in parallel each of these packages is locally modified by just one of the teams. Integration of the modified packages is straightforward as we only allow local changes to a package, i.e. changes that do not propagate beyond the package and that do not cause conflicts during integration. Additionally, we show how the package structure of a model and the teams working on the packages can be (temporarily) adapted to manage the need for non-local changes. We model the teams by team automata and discuss how their possible errant behaviour, which can lead to conflicts, is restricted by our strategy of model development.