Title of talk: Collaboration and Cooperation in Team Automata


In [Ell97] team automata have been proposed to serve as a formal framework for modelling both the conceptual and the architectural level of groupware systems.

In [BEKR99] we have defined the concept of team automata in a mathematically precise way in terms of component automata which synchronize on certain executions of actions. At the conceptual level we have formally defined basic groupware notions such as collaboration and cooperation in terms of the various types of synchronization that can take place within a team automaton.
At the architectural level, our team automata can be used as buildings blocks for constructing larger groupware systems.

Currently we are working on a further analysis of the types of synchronizations that can occur within team automata. Consequently we plan to compare our model with closely related existing models such as I/O automata and Petri nets.

[Ell97] C.A. Ellis, Team Automata for Groupware Systems. In Proceedings of the GROUP'97 International ACM SIGGROUP Conference on Supporting GroupWork, Phoenix, Arizona, 1997, 415-424.
[BEKR99] M.H. ter Beek, C.A. Ellis, J. Kleijn and G. Rozenberg, Synchronizations in Team Automata for Groupware Systems. Technical Report TR-99-12, Leiden Institute for Advanced Computer Science, Universiteit Leiden, 1999.