Internal AIO Conference '99

A word from the organizers...

A word from LIACS...

First day - Tuesday December 14th, 1999
9:00start with coffee
9:15opening IAC by the organization and the scientific director of LIACS
9:30introduction HPC session by chair Harry Wijshoff
9:45Dmitri Tcheressiz: Scheduling techniques for VLIW machines with software controlled reservation stations
10:15Leifu Zhao: Automatic Data Structure Selection for Optimizing Sparse Computations
11:00Fabian Breg: Java for High Performance Computing
11:30Toru Kisuki: Iterative Compilation in Program Optimisations
12:00lunch for IAC participants
13:00Camiel van Breugel: A Visual Method for Initial Grammar Instruction
13:30introduction TCS session by chair Jetty Kleijn
13:45Pierluigi Frisco: DNA computing and splicing
14:15Nikè van Vugt: An Attempt to Characterize Finite-splicing Languages
15:00Rudy van Vliet: A Formal Notation for DNA Molecules
15:30Jurriaan Hage: Efficient Switching and the Towers of Hanoi
16:15Maurice ter Beek: Collaboration and Cooperation in Team Automata
16:45Sebastian Maneth: Syntactic Computation and XSL
17:15end first day

Second day - Wednesday December 15th, 1999
9:00start with coffee
9:15introduction SEIS session by chair Luuk Groenewegen
9:30Pieter Jan 't Hoen: Behaviour of Packages in SOCCA
10:00Giorgio Busatto: Graph Grammar Based Hypermedia Modeling
10:45Henk Brugman: Communication Patterns
11:15introduction ALP session by chair Joost Kok
11:30Adriaan Schippers: A Short Introduction to Evolutionary Algorithms
12:00lunch for IAC participants
13:00Jano van Hemert: Constraint Satisfaction and Evolutionary Algorithms
13:30Claudio Rossi: ASAP: an Evolutionary-based Adaptive Algorithm for The Satisfiability Problem
14:15Peter van der Putten: Mining for the Masses
14:45Jeroen Eggermont: Using Genetic Programming for Data Mining
15:30Maurits Out: Data Mining using Neural Networks
16:00Michiel van Wezel: Neural Network Ensembles
16:30closing IAC by organization